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96x32 pixels dot matrix LED Display Module, 5.0VDC power input, Green, Yellow and Red pixel color are available. UART dot matrix LED Display equipped UART interface which features a 96x32 dot matrix LEDs on single PCB. The UART LED Display has on board driver ICs, ideal for displays need more than o

16*2 Character LCD Modules

Mechanical DataModules Size: 65.5*36.7*9.6 mm Viewing Area: 54.0*14.4 mmCharacter Size: 2.55*4.99 mmCharacter Pitch: 3.16*5.41 mmDot Size: 0.47*0.58 mmDot Pitch: 0.99*1.21 mmFeatures5*7 DOTS WITH CURSORBUILT-IN CONTROLLER (ST7066 OR EQUIALENT)3.3V / 5.0V POWER SUPPLY1/16 DUTY CYCLE8-BIT PARALLEL INT

12864 OLED with UART

2.42" panel size, 128x64 pixels Graphic OLED Module, 5.0VDC power input, yellow, blue and white pixel color are available. OLED Display equipped UART interface which features an ultra-thin display with low power consumption. The UART OLED Display has a fast response time for quick display refresh an

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Our company, JING ZHUAN CO., LTD., is one of the Professional LCD Modules Manufacturer with more than 20 years experiences in this field. We believe you will be satisfied with our products if you are searching for a reliable supplier in LCD field. To provide better service and solution to our customer, our products are listed as below for your reference:

1) Character & Graphic & COG LCD Modules
2) TFT LCD Modules
3) OLED LCD Modules
4) Customized LCD panels & LCD Modules
5) HMI system
6) Any ODM/OEM services are available
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